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Do you want to develop a new relationship with your physical being?
Do you want to move through old patterns that no longer serve you?
Would you like to improve your physical and spiritual fitness & health?

The Embody Life method accesses the intrinsic wisdom of the body and fosters deep trust in its innate knowing, which often predates conscious memory. This awareness is collective, universal, and personal, connected as we all are in an invisible fluid web. 



Innovative Somatic Experiences that move you into infinite waves of health and creativity

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What Participants Say

Somatic Movement Education & Therapy

  1. Teri's guidance has helped me develop a deep level of communication with my body, enabling me to find substantial relief from chronic pain and tension, giving me a new confidence in my body's ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.
    Linda B., Attorney, Los Angeles
  2. Teri has a presence that invites you to unfold. She combines that with an intellectual capacity that integrates the experience. You leave her workshops feeling nourished.
    Laura - Marriage and Family Therapist, Los Angeles
  3. Teri is the only practitioner who has been able to truly help me when debilitating migraine headaches hit me. The stress of running my own business in the Eco-Industry can trigger my long-time tendency toward stress. Plus, I'm learning to change the way I deal with the stress!
    Peter, Windmill Energy Developer, Vermont
  4. Guiding us deeper and deeper inward, then further and further outward, Teri's precisely guided exploration of internal body-mind experience in relation to the seemingly external field opened me to pure Awareness. We also went outdoors to look at a plant. Because of her guidance, it was almost possible to sense the molecules of the plant moving.
    Judith Rivin, LCSW, Los Angeles
  5. In just four sessions with Teri I noticed subtle yet powerful shifts in my own ability to self regulate and internally sense. After fifteen years of chronic migraines my nervous system has been overly sensitive, yet frozen. Teri's work helped me to be able to sense, for the first time in my life, the effect that long term migraines have had on my nervous system and begin the process of understanding the tools I need to be in charge of my own healing.
    Ashley Johnson, Dance Artist and Continuum Teacher, Canada
  6. Thank you for the somatic bootcamp! I so enjoyed being in the class and getting to know you and your ways even more. You are a gifted teacher and visioner and feeler/knower of what is needed.
    Julie Coren, Writer & Somatic Educator, L.A.
  7. "Thank YOU for a wonderful class and for continuing to offer your classes to our small group. I’ve gotten so much from working with you, both in private healing sessions and in class. Thank you!"
    Janet, JD, PhD, Los Angeles
  8. Teri, you have a natural ability to see the bigger picture of a health situation... I truly appreciate your process because it produces results that are tangible. Your hands-on body therapies and Somatic Movement education has been more effective than the allopathic methods I’ve tried... My left ear was totally blocked, so my hearing was marginalized. When I went to a radiologist, an ear nose and throat doctor, and a general M. D.... they all said the hearing loss was a residue of the chemo that I’d undergone. Each doctor wrote it off as though it was a complication I just had to live with... Your proactive process has empowered me to better understand a holistic relationship of my health issue, with a positive outlook and ways to implement a self-healing process. It's great to hear again!
    Richard Corwin, Producer & Emmy Award Winning Sound Editor